Kunst Museum Winterthur – Two Hundred Masterpieces

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The highlights of three important Winterthur collections at the Kunst Museum Winterthur!

(Publication, english Version)

The Kunst Museum Winterthur will celebrate the reopening of the Villa Flora in 2024. This will seal the union of three houses and collections under one roof in an opulent illustrated book. The catalogue presents the museum treasures of the Kunstverein Winterthur, the Oskar Reinhart Foundation and the Hahnloser/Jäggli Foundation with over 100 masterpieces of classical painting, sculpture and graphic art as well as more recent media such as video works and installations, spanning the period from the Baroque to the present. From Rembrandt to Caspar David Friedrich and Vincent van Gogh, from Pablo Picasso to Alberto Giacometti, Sophie Taueber-Arp to Isa Genzken and Gerhard Richter.

Ed. by K. Bitterli, A. Lutz. 300 pages, 260 illustrations in color, 24 x 29 cm, Hardcover.